2020 graced Box Collection

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Give yourself (or a friend) the gift of graced ALL YEAR LONG! You can now pre-order one year of the graced box and save over $50! It's like getting one month free (you also only pay for shipping once!) The graced Box is shipped four times a year and is packed full of our favorite products, many that you can't find in the brick and mortar store. This year's boxes will ship March 2nd, June 1st, September 1st and December 1st. The contents of the box are always a surprise but we can promise that if you love graced, you'll love the graced Box.

Note: The contents in the image are not the items that will be in the box...remember, it's always a surprise and it's always awesome! 👏 Past boxes have included home decor, journals +stationery, jewelry, exclusive graced products and more!